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PCA Executive Report - February 25, 2013

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PCA Southeast Region Holds 2013 Summit

The Portland Cement Association, Southeast Region (PCA-SE) held the 2013 Summit on February 19-20 in downtown Atlanta.

The forum provided a valuable opportunity for regional cement members and promotion partners to engage and share ideas and strategies for continuing promotional success in the PCA Southeast Region. 

The summit, which is planned to be an annual event, included presentations from PCA-SE promotion partners and pavement application directors from the 10 state region of Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Presenters provided an overview of their 2012 promotion successes as well as their 2013 objectives and policy initiatives.  In addition to the pavement information, the summit also included a presentation on the region’s airport market.

Gregory Scott (pictured), PCA president and CEO, gave a brief update on emerging trends and how they will affect the concrete industry. Infrastructure renewal, higher energy and oil prices, and the need for disaster-resistent construction will all shape PCA's activities in 2013, according to Scott. Following lunch, David Shepherd, PCA director of sustainable development, made a presentation on the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub and how it fit with PCA’s sustainability initiative. The day concluded with a region overview from PCA-SE Executive Director Roger Faulkner.
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January PPI:  Steel Continues to Decline

January’s producer price indices (PPI) showed year-over-year increases for all followed materials, except steel.  Steel, down 8.3 percent from 2012, declined for the 10th consecutive month. Lumber’s PPI rose the most at 16 percent, followed by asphalt, 3.7 percent, and concrete, 2.2 percent.

The same trends occurred in the month-over-month figures.  The steel PPI decreased a slight 0.1 percent from December, as the rest of the construction materials increased. Lumber jumped 4.8 percent from December, and asphalt was up 0.6 percent, followed by concrete at 0.5 percent
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Cement Caucus Welcomes New Members – Last month, five veteran lawmakers became the newest members of the Cement Caucus.  The members include Rep. Steve King (R-IA), who represents two cement plants in Mason City; Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-TX), who represents a cement facility in Irving; Rep. Bill Owens (D-NY), who represents a cement plant in Glen Falls; Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), who represents a cement plant in Ragland; and Rep. Todd Young (R-IN), who represents cement plants in Mitchell and Speed. The addition of these lawmakers increases the Caucus’s membership to 45.
Contact Collin Long 

NESHAP Final Rule –The portland cement NESHAP final rule was published in the Federal Register on February 12.  The PCA Clean Air Committee is currently evaluating its details to address any potential issues of concern to the industry.
View the rule
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Policymakers Continue to Debate Taxes, Spending – Although federal policymakers averted the “fiscal cliff” on January 1 by reaching a deal that raised approximately $600 billion in federal revenues, congressional Republicans and the Administration continue to debate the prevention of automatic spending cuts. The budget “sequester,” scheduled to take effect on March 1, will impose $85 billion in across-the-board reductions on so-called “discretionary spending” (not entitlements) during FY2013.  While a compromise by March 1 is unlikely, Congress may ultimately replace the sequester during FY2013 with a fiscal package that includes revenue raisers and spending cuts. Democrats in the Senate, for example, plan to vote on a $110 billion package with some tax increases and reductions to federal programs, including agriculture. In a related fiscal matter, lawmakers did vote to raise the debt ceiling, allowing the federal government to operate through mid-May. It is also anticipated that this spring lawmakers will unveil a tax reform plan, which may inform ongoing efforts to replace automatic spending cuts.
Contact Bryan Brendle

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PCA-SE Region Launches New App

PCA-SE has launched a new free smart phone/tablet app to allow members, concrete contractors, and potential buyers to conveniently access information about the 12 state region.

Accessible via a search for “PCA-SE” through the phone’s App store, the app provides quick access to contact information for region staff and committee members, promotion partners, and cement sales representatives.  The information is searchable by first/last name or company name.  It also provides convenient access to member and PCA-SE websites via logos.

The app offers users a list of regional and national events by month and date that is searchable by state or event name.

App users have direct access to Internet-based information on several concrete products such as concrete pavements, including RCC, FDR and cement-modified soils, parking lots, pervious concrete, and concrete buildings and homes.
Contact Roger Faulkner

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Sullivan Communicates MIT Impacts on Paving

PCA Chief Economist Ed Sullivan addressed more than 400 attendees at the 35th Annual Nebraska Concrete Paving Association Workshop on January 22 in Lincoln. 

Sullivan’s presentation highlighted the impacts of the material cost inflation study by the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub study and other dynamics affecting relative asphalt prices.  He detailed the dramatic change these developments will have for state departments of transportation as well as city and county agencies and other paving engineers.

Sullivan stressed the need for agencies to recognize the new economic conditions facing pavement materials and respond with policy changes that allow free market forces to operate.  He is scheduled to address the Minnesota Concrete Paving Association Workshop in March.
Contact Doug Burns or Ed Sullivan

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Register Now for IEEE-IAS/PCA Early Bird Rates

Early bird registration for the 55th IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference, scheduled from April 14-18, 2013, in Orlando, ends February 28. By registering now, attendees can save $75 over the regular conference price.

Recognized as the world’s premier cement conference, IEEE-IAS/PCA 2013 will include presentations from the industry’s top technical people, addressing the diverse technical issues and proposing potential solutions to the many challenges facing the cement industry.  In addition, in lieu of the traditional plant tour, Disney Institute will be presenting an array of half-day workshops centered around one of our most important resources: human capital.
Register online at www.ieeepcaconference.org
Contact Rick Bohan

On-Line Cement Course Available Unbundled

Cement and Its Impact on Concrete Performance, PCA’s online course for engineers and other construction professionals involved in concrete construction, is now available as six separate modules.  The  series on concrete and cement technology explains cement's role in sustainability, cement types and applications, and how cement affects the performance of the final product, concrete.

Each hour-long module focuses on professional development while addressing relevant topics and issues for today's construction professional.

Topics covered include:

> Cement's Role in Sustainability – Learn about the important role cement and concrete play in sustainable construction
> Cement Manufacturing – Develop an understanding of how changes in material selection in manufacturing affect the properties of concrete
> Types and Applications of Cement – Discover how new cement specifications can improve concrete performance and sustainability
> Cement Characteristics – Understand the process of hydration
> Impact of Cement on Concrete Properties – Learn the impact of cement on the hardened properties of concrete
> Abnormal Reactions and Compatibility of Materials with Cement – Identify and address abnormal chemical reactions, avoiding problems in concrete.

Courses are self-paced and can be taken on your own schedule without the travel and time commitments of conventional classes. One CEU/PDH is available with each module.
PCA is offering the modules for $99 each.
For more information or to order, go to www.cement.org/bookstore
Contact Michelle Wilson

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PCA Helps to Kick-Off Engineers’ Week

To kick off Engineers’ Week, PCA’s Director of Engineered Buildings Larry Novak participated in Engineering the 21st Century City, presented at Chicago Architectural Foundation on February 17.

The standing-room-only crowd of more than 200 learned the underlying principals and materials used to create engineering marvels such as the Burj Khalifa and the Trump Tower Chicago.  Kids had the opportunity to construct LEGO® building designs and tested them to destruction under a simulated earthquake.  Attendees also used computer modeling to design bridges.

The event is geared towards inspiring students to study math, science, architecture, and of course engineering.
Contact Larry Novak

2013 IEEE

2013 IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry Technical Conference
April 14-18
Orlando, Florida


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